Parent Education 2019-20



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Save-the-Date December 5th 
Parent Education: Julia Storm on Raising Kids in the Digital Age

We are pleased to welcome digital media wellness educator, Julia Storm.  She will lead a dialog about the struggles of raising kids in the digital age.

Topics will include:
●Screen time management and how to develop healthy device use habits
●Finding age-appropriate content
●Online safety tips and managing online relationships
●Managing withdrawal tantrums
●Creative screen use
●Siblings with different needs
●Becoming a digital role model
●Becoming media savvy and the pros/cons of parental controls 
●Preserving sleep/exercise
●Social media pros/cons






Tuesday, October 15th at 8:30am in the auditorium - Earthquake Preparedness


Tuesday, September 24th at 8:30am in the auditorium - GATE identification and programs through LAUSD