Akimi Sujishi-Watson

I began working at Canyon in April 1995 as the S.T.A.R. Director. In September of 2002, I completed my teaching credential.  My experiences with children ages 5 through 17 have led me to a constructivist pedagogy. I believe students should be active, collaborative, and critical thinkers during the learning process. I strive to provide my students with a creative, nurturing environment that encourages them to be life-long learners and provides them with the skills for the future.


I received my Liberal Arts Degree, Teacher Credential and Master of Arts in Education from Antioch University, Los Angeles. I am happy and proud to be a life-long learner and especially love classes that include the arts, technology, and building community.


Canyon has been my community for over 2 decades and each year I find that my passion for teaching burns even brighter.