Party Book

Party Book is a yearlong series of fun & creative parties hosted by Canyon families to raise funds for our beloved music, art & PE programs, as well as to keep class sizes down, provide enrichment classes and facility upgrades. It’s also a fabulous and fun way to socialize with fellow Canyon families and build our community!


Parties can be big or small, and be just about anything that our Canyon kids and/or parents would enjoy. These parties come in all shapes and sizes (and prices!) but the money we raise benefits our kids. Parties can take place at a venue, park, or be a gathering at your home. From Legos to Cocktails, we are open to your party entries! So, grab some friends and host something together.

Join Us For Our Party Book Launch Event 2019, Oct 12th, 7-10pm

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On October 12th, Canyon Booster Club (the umbrella group that oversees fundraising) is throwing the kick-off event. This event is adults-only (so book your babysitter now!) Partygoers will be the first in line to sign up. Tickets will be on sale soon so keep an eye on the Chronicle.