Let a friend know you are thinking of them! 

Canyon is on the cutting edge of fundraising, and it involves “flocking” a friend.  Your friends comes out of their house and SURPRISE!  A flock of pink flamingos shakes them out of their pandemic stupor and puts a smile on their faces.  Included in the colorful surprise is a small sweet treat -- a flamingo lollipop.  It’s a nice way to remind people that we are STILL connected and that we like to have fun.  The kids will LOVE it.  “Flock" yourself! “Flock" a friend!  “Flock" your parents!

How it works:
Pay $50 HERE and then email Kerry Kane with whom you would like to ’flock” including their address and how many kids they have.  The flock will appear and you’ll receive a confirming email.  You can keep your friends guessing or call them and let them know it is from you. 

The flock will be removed in a day or two and then move onto the next house.  Sorry, only the lollipops stay.  


Please note, while we will make every effort to deliver the flock on a specific day, it may not always be possible to accommodate these requests. While not required, it is customary to flock another friend if you've been flocked to keep the chain going!